Can the Himalayas be a world wellness hub?

By Hindol Sengupta / December 2, 2019

I found a couple of most interesting brands—mostly obscure, but then some of the best kinds worth using often are. There is Pahadi Local which sells everything from tea infused with dried rose petals to apricot, peach and walnut oil, and a limited-edition honey (‘Indian Borage Honey’). It was started by an audio-engineer-turned-merchandiser from Mumbai who happened to live for a while in the mountains near Shimla.

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The Strategist

What Freida Pinto Can’t Live Without

By Chloe Anello / October 18, 2019

I’ve used this for a while. There’s two oils for my skin that I love. One is an oil only available in India. Any time I do anything for an American publication, I put everyone in a very frustrating position because I always talk about this amazing oil and you have no access to it. Hopefully that will change, and I won’t tell you how, but I think it will change soon

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The Week

India’s beauty & wellness industry embracing organic & sustainable products

By Anjuly Mathai / October 5, 2019

“Everyone used to be obsessed with foreign products,” says Jessica Jayne, founder of Pahadi Local. “I know people who, even today, use Moroccan oil during their pregnancy. We have the best oils in India, made from products like turmeric and coconut. Why go for foreign ones? [Recently], however, there has definitely been a shift in mindset and lifestyles.”

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Vogue India

Vogue Beauty Awards 2019: Best of Skincare

By Vogue Beauty Awards / September 25, 2019

Homegrown Brands: Pahadi Local

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Vogue Australia

5 Indian skincare brands you need to know

By Anjan Sachar / August 1, 2019

Whether it’s the 10-step Korean skincare routine that got the world talking, or the clean Australian skincare movement known as A-beauty, there is no denying that each country’s beauty industry is distinctly unique.

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Verve Magazine

5 Ethically Sourced Honey Products For The Conscious Beauty Enthusiast

By Verve Magazine / June 25, 2019

The brand’s exclusive offering is a rare form of honey that is grown in a borage apiary in Himachal Pradesh. It is used to treat insomnia and relieve respiratory abnormalities, aches and stomach cramps.

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Lifestyle Asia

5 beauty brands that are making it easy for you to join the sustainability movement

By Latha Sunadh / April 22, 2019

Protecting our precious ecosystem in the hills is the goal Pahadi Local is working towards. Right from packaging, to procurement, to using sustainable materials and pricing Pahadi Local does it all.

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The Hindu

Empower, enrich and thrive with Pahadi Local

By Divya Kala Bhavani / April 11, 2019

Recently in Hyderabad and Chennai for skincare workshops, the brand’s founder Jessica Jayne recounts her love story with both planet and people “I’m a graduate in Economics but I often find myself using my instincts more,” says Pahadi Local founder Jessica Jayne when discussing her sustainable business strategies.

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Harper's Bazaar

The Conversation Starters

By Harper's Bazaar / March 26, 2019

The pioneer's of Indian's green beauty revolution.

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NY Times

36 Hours in Goa

By Sarah A. Khan / February 21, 2019

Known for its gorgeous beaches and hippie vibe, this tiny state in western India also offers a fascinating blend of Indian and Portuguese influences that are reflected in its buildings, cuisine and art. Think of it as India’s happy place: The state of Goa, which occupies a sliver on the...

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Lifestyle Asia

How Homegrown Beauty and Wellness Brand Pahadi Local Redefined Luxury

By Latha Sunadh / February 20, 2019

The hills are filled with goodness and no one knew this better than Jessica Jayne, the owner and founder of wellness and beauty label, Pahadi Local. The initiative, as Jayne calls it...

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Fortune India

5 people to watch out for

By Fortune India / January 1, 2019

From experimenting with new fabrics for traditional clothing to fashioning a brand out of a family business, these five crafts people are making a name for themselves.

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Condé Nast Traveller

50 Things I’ve learnt about travel

By Divia Thani / December 14, 2018

"Travel is an amazing experience. No matter how much or how little you do it, remember that" Eight years and fifty issues later, here’s what I’ve learnt: The world has an uncanny way of throwing you into the right destination at the perfect time........

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The Voice Of Fashion

Dubai: The World’s Beauty Capital

By Sujata Assomull / September 3, 2018

Not surprisingly, Dubai is on the mind of many Indian beauty companies such as Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda and as well as Pahadi Local, a newbie in comparison. It is a three-year-old sustainable beauty brand with its hero product being Gutti Ka Tel...

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Condé Nast Traveller

This 5-Day Retreat in Himachal will give you a Taste Of The Mountain Life

By Andrea Pinto / July 31, 2018

What would you want your next short break to have? The scent of apples? Cool mountain breeze? A hint of adventure? The Pahadi Pure Experience has all this and more...

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Vogue India

6 beauty brands that are empowering local women communities worldwide

By Aparrna Gupta / March 5, 2018

Closer home too, it's heartening to observe brands packing in natural beauty secrets, offering a lifestyle choice to consumers, to go for products that are gentler on the skin and environment. Pahadi Local, a niche line that is based on the goodness of the ingredients from the hills, was conceptualised as a sustainable beauty brand to help give back to the local communities.

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Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar Best of Beauty

By Harper's Bazaar / November 3, 2017

Handcrafted In India: This special category was judged by a panel of beauty experts. They picked two homegrown brands that you should definitely have in your beauty kit.

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Economic Times

Homely natural products influencing personal attitudes towards beauty

By Bhagyashree Nair / September 22, 2017

Good Earth recently collaborated with Samaya, an all-natural skin-care brand founded in London, and one that works in harmony with specific ‘Dosha’, or constitution. “Pahadi Local is another offering that identifies and sources wellness products from the Himalayas, bringing the luxury and pureness of tradition from the Hills to the cities

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Outlook Business

Pamper yourself with all-natural cosmetics from the arsenal of The Body Shop, Pahadi Local

By Naini Thaker / July 15, 2017

Beauty and healthcare has come a long way and now there is a product for every problem. Yet no denying, it is the homely turmeric-sandalwood-rosewater paste that somehow triumps all to bring back the glow on your face. On days when everything else fails, it is these home remedies, or what you may call nani ke nuskhe, that tugs at your heart.

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Bazaar Beauty

Force of Nature

By Bazaar Beauty / May 3, 2017

In our continuing series on homegrown skin care brands, we turn the spotlight on Pahadi Local's organic products.

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Verve Magazine

5 Beauty Essentials That Will Transport You To Dreamy Destinations

By Aparrna Gupta / March 17, 2017

Jessica Jayne travelled to the Himalayas for love and discovered a passion for all the local ingredients she encountered along the way. Explaining the journey of her brand Pahadi Local, she says, “I moved to Shimla and spent the first three years absorbing the warmth of the Pahadi people, the traditional way of living and bracing myself for the extreme winters! In minus degree temperatures, I noticed my skin begin to peel, flake and get absolutely dry.

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The City Story

10 Questions With Pahadi Local’s Jessica Jayne

By Bhavika Thakkar / January 1, 2017

Pahadi Local makes luxury skincare products from local, natural ingredients available in Himachal Pradesh, including Gutti Ka Tel (apricot kernel oil), Khal (apricot meal scrub), Pull (lake sediment detox salt), and Markalak (mineral rich Himalayan clay). The brand also sets up Pahadi Pure Experiences in venues and pop up events with a tea lounge and foot spa to enable potential users to try, touch, taste and feel the products first hand.

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Condé Nast Traveller

Make in India

By Condé Nast Traveller / December 6, 2016

Make In India - Women’s Special This second edition covers some of the most accomplished women across the country from an array of fields and industries

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6 skincare products that will reverse the effects of pollution on your face

By ELLE / November 18, 2016

Finding its origin in high-altitude Himalayan lakes, this natural detox salt can be used as a face wash to draw out impurities or even used as a full body rubdown. If Mohammad can’t go to the mountain

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9 miracle skincare products that won’t break the bank

By Janice Pariat / July 28, 2016

Pahadi Local Khal Mix this fine powder with milk, honey or water for a natural face scrub and body polisher. It’ll slough off dead cells, reduce ingrowth and leave your skin feeling baby smooth. Plus, it’s a tub-full’s worth, so you won’t need to replenish stock in a hurry.

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Your Story

‘To see an idea become a household name is my dream:’ Serial entrepreneur Jessica Jayne on her latest brainchild Pahadi Local

By Rakhi Chakraborty / September 29, 2015

Jessica Jayne is unashamed about the failures in her entrepreneurial trajectory. “When I was 21, I launched a magazine that failed miserably. I went on to set up SharkFin, a successful...

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Nicobar Blog

A lot like love

By Nicobar Blog /

Jessica Jayne moved to the mountains for love. Three years on, she’s brought a whole lot of it back for the rest of us with her steadily growing and immensely popular beauty label, Pahadi Local. Her story is one of chance discoveries and serendipitous encounters. A driven entrepreneur, Jessica started...

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